Terms & Conditions:

The following information is intended to assist in renting a car from Hertz Belize, however please be reminded to carefully read the terms, conditions and contractual details outlined in your rental agreement.

Minimum age for drivers is 25 years old.


  • There is a one-time fee per additional driver of US$25
  • Rates are quoted in US dollars for your convenience
  • All persons intending to drive the vehicle must declare so at the time of rental and must show a valid driver's license and a valid major credit card.
  • If the vehicle is driven by any unauthorized person, the rental agreement is null and void and the full weight of all liability is carried by the principal customer.
Rental available for US$5.00 per day with a security deposit of USD$100.00. Need to be requested in advance. Limited availability only.

Rental available for US$5.00 per day with a deposit of US $100

The principal driver shall be the contracted renter from whom payment will be secured. All rental agreements must be accompanied by credit card authorization for the lead driver and all other drivers.

Customers may opt to pay cash for the rental charges only upon vehicle return and completion of the rental agreement obligations.

Your journey may take you well into the countryside

  • In the event of an irreparable tire, customers who immediately call Hertz for authorization may be authorized to purchase a replacement tire to be fitted at their locale.
  • All vehicles are equipped with a spare tire and tools in the event of a flat tire and to save customer's time, customers are asked to put on the spare and to have the flat repaired and they will be reimbursed.
EMERGENCY NUMBER: Tel: +501-670-2522
  • 24 HOUR ROAD SIDE SERVICE - Available to all customers via Emergency number above.
  • IN CASE OF ACCIDENT - Customers are advised to contact the nearest police station and to call Hertz as quickly as possible.
  • ANY OTHER PROBLEMS - Customers are asked to immediately call the Emergency Number provided
If you should exceed the contracted time of return on your rental agreement, Hertz may choose to grant one hour grace after which a full day's rental will be charged.

Helpful hints on Insurance coverage in Belize:

Most travel websites and credit cards offer some form of Car Rental Cover. Please be aware that despite the eventual coverage these may provide you, and if you have not purchased cover at the rental desk, you may be held liable for the full value of loss or downtime and cost of repairs before leaving the country. Full documentation is provided in order for you to successful file a claim with whoever is your designated insurer.

This is not insurance. This is an industry standard amount authorized by your card company at time of rental but not processed against your account unless there is damage to vehicle when you return it. In the event that the vehicle is returned without any dings, scratches, dents or other damage the card authorization is not pursued. The deductible is US$1000.00 (in certain specified cases US$3000.00. If the customer chooses to use VISA as a form of payment for the rental and declines the Collision Damage Waiver Option then the applicable deductible is US$1500.00. The deductible is placed as an authorization only and held as security for a minimum of ten days after which time it can be released. In some cases depending on the card issuing bank it may be held for up to 30 days.

(WDW) Windshield Damage Waiver
WDW – If purchased covers any damage to the front windshield of your rented vehicle at no further cost to you. The “Coastal Road” (Manatee Highway) is an unpaved and treacherous track connecting the George Price Highway and the Hummingbird Highway. This track is classified by us as “OFF ROAD”, is proven to be hazardous, prone to flash floods and damaged bridges, and lacks cellphone connectivity. No road side service of any kind applies for OFF ROAD use; all vehicles are for on road use only.

(CDW) Collission Damage Waiver
CDW - Is not insurance, it reduces the customer's responsibility. If CDW is declined the customer will be responsible for the full value of the Hertz vehicle. Regardless if CDW being taken a non-waiverable excess (deductible) for all vehicle types will be charged in case of damage to the Hertz vehicle.

Liability Insurance Supplement (LIS) provides you with up to BZ$1million of increased protection should bodily injury by people injured in an accident occur and up to BZ$250,000 for property damage claims be made against you. LIS safeguards your insurance policy and/or your personal assets for the first BZ$1 million should such claims be made against you.

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